Helicopter In and Jump Out to Go Fishing

Can't make it to the dock to join your buddies to go fishing? Hire a chopper and jump out when you get close to the boat, like these Southern California anglers did.

Anglers Chopper In, Jump Out to Go Fishing

Anglers Chopper In, Jump Out to Go Fishing

If you're late to the dock and miss the boat to go offshore fishing, you can always catch up by hiring a helicopter to take you to the boat and jump in when you get close, as these two anglers did.Vimeo

Here's the dilemma: You want to go fishing with your buddies over the weekend, but they're leaving on Friday and you have to work. The solution, of course, is to hire a helicopter to rendezvous with the boat after work and jump out of the chopper once you're close.

No, seriously, that was the scheme these two anglers pulled off recently at the east end of San Clemente Island, some 50 miles off the coast of Southern California, as seen in this crazy video. This pair really wanted to go fishing.