VIDEO: Pathfinder 2200 TE — Construction

Starting the boat-building process: gelcoat to fiberglass to stringers.

Pathfinder 2200 Boat Gelcoat

Pathfinder 2200 Boat Gelcoat

In my first blog (May 30) about my new Pathfinder 2200 TE, I wrote about the choice of the boat and its accessories. Since then, several details have changed.

First, I had not yet chosen a multifunction display to mount on the console. After seeing the new Raymarine a9 during a recent media event, I have decided to order that unit, which will be available in late June.

Also, as the build date approached, I had second thoughts about the sea-foam green hull color. Our last hull sported that color, and it was beautiful. But the more I looked at the color described as "wheat," the more I was drawn to its fresh look. Luckily, Pathfinder had enough of the wheat color in stock to indulge my last-minute whim.

The mold for the new vessel was prepped June 3 at the company's factory in Fort Pierce, Florida. Over the next few days, the gelcoat was sprayed, fiberglass laid, and the stringers were installed and filled with foam. Since I couldn't be there to watch the build, Charlie Johnson, director of marketing for Maverick Boat Company (which owns the Pathfinder brand), shot some video showing many of the production steps, and I have compiled it below in the embedded footage.

This coming week, as the boat is assembled and the Yamaha F150 hung, Johnson will shoot the final footage of the process. The entire build is expected to take 14 days. I can hardly wait!