VIDEO: Angler Surprise! Orca Grabs Halibut

Talk about your heart-stoppers! We've all probably had exhilarating moments with sharks and barracudas bolting from the depths to swallow or viciously attack a hooked fish, but when an enormous Orca crashes the party for these anglers, the adrenaline factor is explosive.

The recorded discussion during this halibut catch is hard to follow (and there's a touch of coarse language). There's also no clue where this happened. But you can certainly hear the surprise in the angler’s voice at the appearance of that enormous dark shape. The orca also seems quite wise to the hook, as it grabs the back half of the fish and swims away.

This is not the first time we have heard of orcas pestering hooked fish, though. Last November, Sund's Lodge at Malcolm Island reported about a video it posted in August 2012, showing an orca attempting a salmon grab. Perhaps, like bottlenose dolphin, these orcas are getting a bit used to human presence.