Inventor Touts Herring Farts as Attractant with New Fish-Sounds App

Gas-passing sound is one of 70 that reportedly bring in game fish



We know herring used as bait catch salmon, but does the sound of herring farts draw the big kings near?Doug Olander

I'm really not one for bathroom humor, but I have to say, the video (attached below) that I just watched at the TalkWithFish website had me rolling with laughter. I never knew that herring farted. Why didn't someone tell me?

But hey, now you too can listen to this delightful intonation — a sound that TalkWithFish says attracts and lures game fish — and you can even buy the app! That plus a speaker or maybe even a waterproof smartphone case turn you and your boat into an instant hydrophone.

I first learned about this website from an article at The article interviewed TalkWithFish's creator Greg Bambenek, who originally marketed fish-attracting scents in the 1980s. The fish-sound app costs 99 cents and features more than 70 sounds for 25 freshwater and saltwater game-fish species, including striped bass, bluefish and salmon.

So far, I see no customer ratings in the iTunes app store for TalkWithFish. I’m not sure I’m brave enough to try it. But here’s one consolation: If it doesn’t help catch fish, it’s still a great prank — remember the whoopee cushion?