Giant Squid Captured on Video and Other Deep-Sea Oddities

NOAA squid

NOAA squid

Courtesy NOAA

We're all fascinated by mysteries of the deep, so the recent news from the Discovery Channel that new video is expected to air in January of a giant squid in its natural habitat has jumpstarted the buzz among anglers. Squid have been found or brought up dead and studied in the past, but this footage of a live giant squid "with eyes the size of dinner plates" is a true first, Discovery says.

Discovery will air Monster Squid: The Giant is Real at 10 p.m. Sunday, January 27. I think I'll stay up late for that one.

I stumbled over this squid news as I was reading another interesting bottom-of-the-ocean story from Deep-Sea News, an independent scientific blog site. Apparently, some research scientists processing bycatch during a New Zealand lobster stock assessment found insects inside the gut cavities of six different fish that were pulled from depths of 1,300 feet!

A silverside, Bollons’ rattail, Jock Stewart, dark ghost shark, javelin fish and an Oliver’s rattail had all consumed either a scarab beetle or a weevil, Deep-Sea news reported. The blog goes on to consider the various plausible scenarios, saying the most likely is that the bugs simply sank as debris to the seafloor. I wonder how long it would take for a bug to descend to 1,300 feet?

As I ponder that unusual news, I’m reminded not only of the “gee-whiz” allure of deep-sea secrets but also of the “amen” respect that must be encouraged for that environment. Like rain forests, rivers and estuaries, the deep sea is a habitat linked to all of life. As we unravel its riddles, let’s not forget to revere it.