IGFA Hall of Fame

It's the time of year when I receive a barrage of nominations to the IGFA Hall of Fame. Easily one of the hardest parts of my job is reviewing the heartfelt submissions from all over the world on very worthy candidates with the knowledge that only five individuals will be selected for induction that year. Each year the IGFA Hall of Fame Nominating committee reviews the cumulative list of submitted candidates and chooses only five for induction.

The current list of candidates is now well over 100 and is comprised of fisheries scientists, inventors, communicators and anglers from every corner of the globe. As IGFA is concerned with all gamefish species, these candidates represent both the freshwater and the saltwater communities. Subsequently, the Committee has a very difficult challenge each year in selecting a class of inductees. However, through a very thoughtful and objective voting process, a decision they do make. As I am often asked specifically what the Committee considers when making their decision, I have included it below.

"The primary criteria for induction into the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame is that the individual has made a meaningful contribution to the sport of recreational angling over an extended period of time. The contribution can be made for example through angling achievements, literature, the arts, science, education, invention, communication, or administration of fishery resources. The nominee must demonstrate that he or she has espoused the angling ethical standards stated by the founders of the IGFA. While the goal is to induct the 5 most qualified individuals each year, it is important that the IGFA Hall of Fame represents the broad base of the sportfishing world. A representative balance should be created wherever possible between various aspects for our sport including but not limited to saltwater-freshwater; eastcoast-westcoast-gulfcoast; foreign-domestic; coldwater-warmwater; inshore-offshore, conservationist, scientist, industry etc."