Is It Worth It?

seven marine OB blog

seven marine OB blog


Seven Marine introduced its 557-hp outboard at the Miami Boat show. The engine is beautiful, an engineering and design marvel and is the product of an amazing cooperative of people and companies. It has taken Seven Marine awhile to get the in the water and pushing a boat, but it appears that this package is now a reality. You can see the promotional video for the engine at These sleek, black monsters retail for somewhere in the neighborhood of $70,000 apiece. Each outboard weighs 1,000 pounds and if you require service, a factory technician must come to you.

The Cadillac CTS-V series that sports this same powerhead carries a base price of just over $63,000 and that includes seats, tires, cool sound system, air conditioning and lots more. My questions to our readers are what do you think of that and when is enough enough? Is there an upper limit to outboard power ratings? How about price? Leave your comments below.

--Dean Travis Clarke