Andy’s Greatest Hits

Sport Fishing senior editor Andy Hahn retired this summer. Below are selected samples of his magazine work.

Virginia Beach Bassin’

Late-Season Stripers Heat Up the Holidays
Sep/Oct 2005

The announcement at the departure gate hit like an arctic blast and stopped me cold: The Independence Air flight to Norfolk has been delayed due to extremely high winds along the Eastern seaboard. Just my luck! The bad news gave me several hours to sit in a Florida airport and ponder the wisdom of my decision to visit Virginia Beach in early December. Read More via PDF: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3


Wahoo at Warp Speed

Score More Strikes by Fishing In the Fast Lane
Nov 1999

Captain Ron Schatman would make a lousy counselor for stressed-out executives seeking respite from today’s high-rpm business environment. While shrinks tell their fidgety patients, “Slow down, relax and take life at a more leisurely pace,” this Miami skipper – despite his rotund physique – resembles the gaunt, taco-hungry Chihuahua who impatiently asks, “Can’t this boat go any faster?” Read More


Sailfish School

Guatemala’s Top-Notch Billfishing Provides an Intensive Hands-on Education
May 2000

The skipper’s shout directed our attention to the left teaser just as a sailfish flashed electric blue and thrashed the lure. “This one’s yours,” I said to fellow angler Louis Alicea, who stepped toward the transom to pick up a 20-pound outfit and drop back a bait. Read More


Trinidad + Tobago = Tarpon

Uncrowded Caribbean Waters Offer Fast-Paced Action for Silver Kings
Feb 2000

Peering intently into the water as he threaded the custom 38-foot Hard Play among open wooden fishing boats anchored in Tobago’s Plymouth Cove, Capt. Gerard “Frothy” De Silva was too busy looking for signs of baitfish to notice the happy shouts of children frolicking in the gentle surf less than 200 yards away. Mate Kevin Charles stood at the bow, draped in a cast net and ready to fire upon command. Read More


Kodiak Roadies

Rig Your Rod, Rent a Car and Roll Up and Down Alaska’s Kodiak Island in Search of Salmon
July 2006

Standing in frigid water up to my waist, I survey the scene for signs of fish while blind-casting a purple egg sucking leech. Gray skies spitting an intermittent drizzle mute the September colors that surround Kalsin Pond. Keeping my head down, I concentrate on the auditory experience of Alaska. Read More in Fly Fishing in Salt Waters