Anchoring a Boat

How to avoid twisted anchor lines

If you anchor a lot when fishing, the anchor line can become twisted and unmanageable from the ground tackle spinning on its way to the bottom. To avoid this problem, add a swivel to your anchor. Swivels range from the galvanized-steel Acco (about $58) to the stainless-steel Kong Swivel Anchor Connector (about $85 for ¼-inch chain).

My favorite is the stainless-steel Suncor Universal Anchor Swivel (about $153). Fastened between the anchor and chain, it has a ball-bearing universal joint that lets the swivel pivot as it traverses the roller. Make sure you secure the cross pins with the supplied thread adhesive.

An anchor swivel can make fishing from your boat easier.

Anchor Swivel Keep Your Anchor Line from Twisting

Adding an anchor swivel such as the Suncor Universal Anchor Swivel will keep your anchor line from becoming twisted and tangled. unknown