Add Scupper Flaps Without Drilling Any Holes

EZ Scupper lets you add a scupper flap quickly and without drilling holes

Easily add a flapper to your boat’s scuppers.Courtesy Seaworthy Innovations

If you've thought about adding a flapper to your boat's scuppers but don't want to drill holes in the boat's transom, take a close look at the EZ Scupper ($19.99) from Seaworthy Innovations. This product utilizes 3M VHB tape to adhere to the hull, and like scupper flappers that screw in place, it helps keep water out of the cockpit when reversing. The tape ­creates a watertight seal that resists petro­chemicals as well as salt water. The rubber flapper is held in with a deep retaining groove that allows for replacement when the rubber wears out, as it always does. Featuring a stainless-steel ­finishing ring, the EZ Scupper is designed for use on ­transom scuppers only.