Add a Grip to Your Gaff or Net

An easy way to add to a grip to a gaff or net.

Add a grip with paracord and a French hitch.Jim Hendricks / Sport Fishing

Sometimes you want to add an extra grip on a net or gaff. One of the easiest ways is to create a cord wrap. Mariners have been adding wraps for centuries. Modern cordage such as 550 nylon paracord (about $6.50 for 25 feet) results in smooth, ­comfortable grips. It comes in a rainbow of colors. You can use the cobra weave, corncob braid, ringbolt or west country whip. But one of the easiest is the French hitch. You'll find a number of video tutorials online that will take you through the steps. As with most cord wraps, the hardest part is starting it; then it's a matter of repeating the pattern until you reach the length of the grip you want.