Accurate Valiant BV-500-Size Lever-Drag Reels

Four single- and two-speed conventional fishing reels added to lineup

Accurate added four reels to its Valiant lever-drag reel collection.Courtesy Accurate

Accurate has added new BV-500-size single- and two-speed fishing reels to its Valiant lever-drag series to target offshore and nearshore species, such as billfish, tuna, yellowtail and striped bass. Options include the 6-to-1-retrieve-ratio BV-500 (500 yards of 50-pound braid) and the narrow-spool version, the BV-500N (350 yards of 50 braid) single-speed fishing reels. The BV2-500 (500 of 50), pictured, and BV-2 500N (350 of 50) two-speeds offer 6-to-1 and 4-to-1 retrieves. All Valiants feature 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum frames, TwinDrag systems and stainless-steel gears. Single-speeds cost $479.95; two-speeds cost $579.95.