33 Fish Pics

33 Reader Submitted Pictures from October's Sport Fishing Photo Contest

November 9, 2012
sf photos oct130.jpg

Mako Eats Dolphin!

Congrats to our winner who captured this shot of a mako eating a mahi. If you don’t think it’s real you can watch the invigorating footage here. Be sure to enter next month’s contest for a chance to win Costa sunglasses! “Philip Overby, P. Cruz, and T. Van Slyck hooked up with this Mako shark on 5/15/2012 and caught all the action on their GoPro Hero 2 cameras. Filmed off “The Wall” which is 29 miles off of Little Torch Key, FL in 1900′ of water. Photo Taken by Philip Overby ( GoPro Hero 2)”
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Green Dolphin

User “Caf025” submitted this shot of a mahi and won a FREE 1 year subscription to our magazine! Aaron Fowler
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Bioluminescent Squid

Caf025 also submitted this picture of a squid. He won runner-up twice this month!
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Fishing fun!

sf photos oct121.jpg

Fishing Wahoo Hawaii, Penguin Banks

sf photos oct134.jpg

Blue Marlin

“Caught on ballyhoo 80 miles south of Long Island”
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sf photos oct105.jpg

Hooked Up on a Blue Marlin

“In Cabo 250lb Blue Marlin”
sf photos oct107.jpg

Ahead of the Boat

“White marlin caught out of Pirates Cove”
sf photos oct106.jpg

Light Tackle Tarpon in Charlotte Harbor

“Photo taken by Adrienne Midgett of a Charlotte Harbor tarpon battled with light tackle by her dad on a hot day in August.”
sf photos oct108.jpg

Open Up

“White marlin caught out of Pirates Cove”
sf photos oct109.jpg

The Boss

“Biggest sailfish of the day”
sf photos oct110.jpg

The Show

“This sailfish put on a nice acrobatic show”
sf photos oct111.jpg

Sailfish Colors

“This Sailfish was a little guy and it was just big enough to hold up at arms length”
sf photos oct112.jpg

SPI Jetty King Fishing

sf photos oct113.jpg

Hour Jack

sf photos oct114.jpg

Old One

“This old girl has been caught before.”
sf photos oct115.jpg

110-Pound Stripped Marlin

“Striped marlin caught off coast of Cabo San Lucas. Released”
sf photos oct116.jpg

Fishing Cabo in October

sf photos oct117.jpg

50 Lb Wahoo

“I caught this 50-pound 61 inch wahoo on 20-pond test line and light spinning tackle, in Islamorada, on October 6, 2012.”
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sf photos oct126.jpg

Leaping Sail

sf photos oct128.jpg

Big Joe’s Mahi

“Big Joe with a beauty mahi caught at the monster ledge on the troll on ScrappyCat, pulled over the rail with a custom handmade yobroski™ calcutta bamboo gaff.”
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King fishing south of Dauphin Island, Alabama

“Marcus Gibson and my son Robert Crismon (1st. cousins) went fishing this summer (July 25th ) out of Dauphin Island, AL. They were in a 17ft Negus (an outstanding boat built by Negus Marine in Mobile, AL) and decided to go out for a day of fun catching and releasing king mackerel. They were about 8 miles south of Dauphin Island. The boys caught and released 15 kings, 2 spanish mackerel and a bonita. The boys love their Coats’s. Marcus attends the University of Alabama and Robert will be a upcoming senior at McGill Toolen high school in Mobile and will attend the University of Alabama next year.”
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“Caught on light tackle”
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