Long-Handle Landing Nets That Are Easy to Stow

Telescoping handles make big nets easier to carry on a boat.

Frabill’s Trophy Haul NX24E has a handle that extends to 68 inches, yet slides back for easy stowage.Frabill

Sometimes you want to retain a fish such as a school-size tuna for dinner, but, in order to keep the meat in top condition, you don’t want to gaff it. That’s where a landing net comes in handy. You want a large hoop and a long, but collapsible, handle that facilitates stowage. There are a number of such models from companies such Bass Pro, Bubba Blade, Frabill and Promar. One of the newest is Frabill’s Trophy Haul NX24E ($149.99), with a handle that extends to 68 inches (not including the 27-inch-wide hoop), yet slides back within the gold-anodized aluminum hoop for easy stowage inside most center-­consoles. The yoke features a handle for lifting heavy catches. Small-mesh netting protects fish destined for release. An LED ­illuminates the action when landing fish at night.