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Shurhold One Bucket System

Cleaning system facilitates washing, stores supplies

Shurhold One Bucket System

The Shurhold One Bucket System facilitates boat washing and stores supplies once you’re finished. It features a grate that allows dirt to fall to the bucket bottom, helping to keep the scrub brush cleaner.

Courtesy of Shurhold

Shurhold’s One Bucket System begins with a five-gallon bucket featuring a ¾-inch braided nylon handle, and adds an elevated grate to the bottom of the pail that allows dirt to sink while keeping the scrub brush clean. The grate also comes with two 3-ounce measuring cups. Shurhold adds a second accessory, the caddy, for storing supplies inside the bucket when it’s dry. The pieces can be sealed inside with a padded lid that snaps onto the bucket rim and doubles as a seat. An optional rubber base keeps the bucket from tipping. The four-piece system costs $49.98; the base costs $12.98.


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