Electrifying Images of Big Sharks in Pursuit of Prey

Photography by Chris Fallows

Getting close to sharks underwater is an incredible experience, as with over 400 species to choose from, you have an incredible array of sizes, shapes and colors as well as very different behavior patterns to look out for. For many folks, the thought of diving with sharks is intimidating, but like so many things in life once you get to know your subject and realize you have little to fear from them, you feel comfortable doing it. Topside at Seal Island in False Bay, South Africa, gives us the most dramatic opportunity to showcase the great whites' incredible hunting ability, and in marine-wildlife-photography circles this is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular images you could ever wish to capture. Each year, from June to September, we witness in the region 600 to 800 hunts on cape fur seals, and it's at this time that these amazing opportunities arise. Each morning before sunrise we find ourselves in key areas around the island as the drama unfolds, and for the next two hours as the sun slowly rises, we watch these intense battles take place before us. For more information on Seal Island, images for purchase or trips to see these sharks in action check out www.apexpredators.com –– Chris Fallows
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Chris & Monique Fallows have worked with great whites for over 20 years and spend in excess of 200 days per year at sea working with great whites and other species of sharks and marine life. Their work has appeared in more than 50 international wildlife documentaries including Planet Earth, Life, Africa, Air Jaws 1 and 2, Ultimate Air Jaws and Air Jaws Apocalypse, to name a few. Chris's images have appeared on the covers of many of the world's premier magazines (including Sport Fishing)__ and newspapers. It's the couples' hope that their images will inspire an interest in marine life and conservation. For more info check out www.apexpredators.com .Grant Atkinson