SF’s 2013 Reader Knot Challenge!

Test your knot-tying skills

knot contest

knot contest

In 2010, we published the first-ever reader knot challenge, measuring on an Instron line tester the breaking strength of line‑to‑leader knots tied by 50 SF readers.

Well, here we go again!

This year, our second knot challenge will test knots used to form double lines.

Most saltwater anglers feel that tying a double line gives them the strongest connection to a leader or terminal gear. But there are various ways of tying that double line. If you have great faith in your double-line knot, why not enter it in the 2013 Sport Fishing reader knot challenge?

The top six finishers (three highest average break point for braided line and the top three for mono) will be published this fall in Sport Fishing and on this site. And each will receive a Penn Spinfisher V reel and matching Regiment rod, plus 300 yards of Spiderwire Ultracast 30-pound Invisibraid — valued in total at about $330.

Here’s how it will work:

1. You e-mail us (knots@sportfishingmag.com) your commitment to participate.

2. If you’re one of the first 50 respondents, we will send you a length of 30-pound braided line and 30-pound monofilament (all participants will receive exactly the same materials) with specific instructions. You then tie three samples of your knot with the braided line and three samples with the mono, and send them back to us.

3. We’ll test all knots, and then analyze and publish the results.

There are no restrictions on what knots used to form a double line you may submit. Whether they’re well known or obscure (perhaps an invention of your own), it will all come down to how the knots break. We also will want to know exactly how winners tied their knots since, for similar knots, the differences in strength might come down to differences in tying them.

Ultimately, this contest is about helping SF readers tie the strongest knots possible.

Reminder: Participation will be limited to the first 50 respondents, so if you're eager to be involved, act quickly.