NOAA’s Photo Contest

NOAA Fisheries and Bonnier Corporation are excited to partner again this year to showcase the undaunted passion American anglers have for saltwater recreational fishing.

NOAA Contest Bracket Championship

For the second straight year in a row, NOAA and Bonnier Corp, publishers of Salt Water Sportsman, Sport Fishing and Marlin have been looking for anglers’ favorite images and asked them to share them via social media channels.  While doing so, they enable themselves to be entered into a fishing trip of a lifetime contest in the fabulous FL Keys.  This year’s contest produced over 1200 entries with some great shots.  The new twist and fun part about the contest is that social media audiences will choose from the top 64 images with multiple “brackets” to ultimately determine who is the winner of the grand prize trip. So bragging rights will be flying!

The NOAA Photo Contest Winner

Woman with dolphin


NOAA Contest Bracket 1 Final 4
NOAA Contest Bracket 2 Final 4
NOAA Contest Bracket 3 Final 4
NOAA Contest Bracket 4 Final 4

Contest Timeline

Round 1 – January 12 – 17

Round 2 – January 19 – 24

Sweet 16 – January 26 – 31

Elite 8 – February 2 – 7

Final 4 – February 9 – 14

Championship – February 16 – 21

Winner Announcement – February 23