SI-TEX Software Update

SI-TEX EC-5, EC-7 and EC-11 Navigations Systems Will Give Boaters Access to More AIS Data, Help Them Use it To Improve Safety



SI-TEX Marine Electronics has released a free software update for its popular EC-Series Multifunction Navigation Systems. This free update is designed to provide

boaters with enhanced functionality and performance when interfaced with SI-TEXʼs new Metadata AIS or other “black box” Automatic Identification System (AIS) modules, and is available for the companyʼs EC-5, EC-7 and EC-11 navigation systems.When integrated with compatible AIS products, SI-TEX EC-Series Plotters provide boaters with important information on surrounding vessels equipped with Class A (commercial) and Class B (recreational) AIS

transponders. New software enhancements improve the ways boaters can view and use this important information, including how AIS target data is overlaid onto these plottersʼ C-MAP MAX electronic charts.

With this new software, SI-TEX EC-Series plotters will now provide navigators with more information tags for vessels broadcasting Class A or Class B AIS signals. Having more information at your fingertips about surrounding commercial and recreational vessels translates to improved situational awareness and more informed decisions at the helm. A newly added Auto Pop Up feature for dangerous AIS targets makes it easy for skippers to steer clear of potential hazards on the water.

This upgrade also allows boaters to view AIS targets in different colors based on vessel type and provides an easy-to-use AIS Legend Window for reference. This feature helps navigators see at a glance which categories of vessels are nearby (freighters, tankers, military/government, passenger vessels, etc.) and better understand these color-coded targets when viewed over their detailed C-MAP MAX electronic charts.

This AIS Legend Window also graphically explains for boaters the various AIS target shapes and colors and what they mean, whether AIS vessels, Nav Aids, helicopter, AIS SART (Search and Rescue Transponder) signals, or AIS MOB (Man Overboard Alert)

In the event that an AIS SART or AIS MOB signal is received, the EC-Series systems will instantly set off an alarm and the location will be highlighted. In addition, the Go To function will be automatically activated for steering to the distress signal location.

Also new with the EC-Series software update is an AIS Report List that lets navigators scroll a list of all AIS vessels being received. From this list, the operator can call up more information on any of the vessels, ask to locate any of the vessels on the chartplotter, or select “Go To” to instantly navigate to any of the vessels on the list.

The new software also allows EC Series users to set up important AIS alarms such as Closest Point of Approach and Time to Closest Point of Approach. This software also enables the user to set maximum range of AIS targets to be displayed (thus filtering out unwanted distant targets), a useful feature when navigating in crowded waterways.

“With the increasing popularity and availability of Class B AIS modules, itʼs important for navigation systems to help boaters use this information effectively,” said Allen Schneider, Vice President of SI-TEX Marine Electronics. “This software upgrade will ensure that our EC-Series navigation systems provide boaters with state-of-the-art AIS performance and features that will help enhance their safety on the water.”In addition to enhanced AIS performance, this new software provides the EC-Series navigation systems with

improved echosounder performance and functionality, along with improved user interface for easier chartplotter navigation. With this upgrade, all EC-Series units will operate in the worldʼs major maritime languages, including English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Norwegian, Finnish, Greek and Polish.

Source –– SI-TEX Marine Electronics