RFA Involved in Ongoing D.C. Rally

Group encourages anglers to lend voice in the Keep Fishermen Fishing rally

March 22, 2012

A message from the RFA…

Today at noon, several thousand U.S. coastal fishermen will recite the Pledge of Allegiance at Upper Senate Park in Washington DC to kick off a historic event designed to draw national attention to the needs of our U.S. fishing communities.

Gathering together under the United We Fish banner, members of both the recreational and commercial fishing sectors will ‘cross the aisle’ with approximately two dozen coastal legislators from both parties in a show of solidarity in keeping fishermen fishing – and working!


In the next few hours, you’re likely to see a few mixed messages coming out of various offices in and around the Beltway in response to the Keep Fishermen Fishing rally which is now assembling just across the street from the U.S. Capitol in Washington as you read this. Billion-dollar environmental organizations and a handful of DC lobbyists will soon be busy trying to keep Members of Congress distracted today once the rally kicks off, in their own personal effort to betray our coastal fishermen and keep fisheries management in a ‘status quo’ condition.

The problem is that the actual ‘condition’ of our U.S. coastal fisheries is very, very good, whereas the ‘condition’ of our coastal fish jobs and tackle industries is dismal and getting worse!

As recently stated by Recreational Fishing Alliance (RFA) board chairman Bob Healey, Jr., “Commercial fishermen and recreational fishermen share a unique bond – they both fish.” The groups who will attempt to hijack today’s rally efforts in Washington, these billion-dollar environmental non-government organizations and the social engineers who work with them don’t differentiate between fishing for sport or fishing for income, but instead see us all with the same level of disdain.


Today, the two sectors are united specifically to keep fishermen fishing – which means reforming the federal fisheries law to incorporate flexibility and access to rebuilding American fisheries! The fishermen are united – the enviro’s and their friends are working on their own mission however, and that aim is to keep your voice unheard in Congress!

There are many organizers and supporters of today’s national rally who are assembling right now at Upper Senate Park in Washington DC, including but not limited to RFA, National Association of Charterboat Operators, North Carolina Watermen United, New York Fishing Tackle Trades Association, Panama City Boatmen’s Association, Alliance of Communities For Sustainable Fisheries, Westport Charterboat Association, Garibaldi Charters, Rivercenter Marine, Big Game Fishing Journal, New York Sportfishing Federation, United Boatmen, Save the Summer Flounder Fishery Fund, Lower Columbia Alliance for Sustainable Fisheries, Ocean Isle Fishing Center, Tailwalker Marine, Fishing United and the Sheepshead Bay fleet, Viking Charters, Patriot Sportfishing, Montauk Boatmen’s & Captains Association, Maryland Saltwater Sportfishermen’s Association, the Marine Trades Association of New Jersey, Southern Kingfish Association and Viking Yachts.

For more information about the rally including maps, parking and transportation information, visit us online at


If you’re unable to attend today’s historic event, we hope you would consider adding your voice to the chorus of U.S. coastal fishermen asking Congress for help in addressing today’s access issues with vital coastal fisheries like red snapper, gag grouper, black sea bass, summer flounder, cod and others. If you can’t be with us at Upper Senate Park, be with us as an active, dues-paying member of the Recreational Fishing Alliance – JOIN RFA TODAY and help us press for your right to fish with members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.


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