Fins Weekend

Scenes From the 2013 Miami Dolphins Tournament

May 22, 2013
When it’s time for the Miami Dolphins’ Foundation Fins Weekend, boats from all over South Florida come to participate in one of the most fun tournaments all year. This year over 80 boats private and charter participated.
Once again this year Hook & Tackle sponsored the Friday Night Captain’s Party. Jeff Peck, Fins Weekend Chairman and Paul Castronovo kickoff the party right.
The Hook & Tackle Team in the black shirts (from left Ryan Alexander, Eddie Juan, Scott Salyers and Raul Rivera) strategize with SeaVee Boats owner Ariel Pared.
Time to make the doughnuts! O dark 30 on the Kamina. She’s a beauty 34 SeaVee rigged to the hilt.
Final preparations on the Kamina for team Hook and Tackle.
Angler Mike Padget and Dolphin rookie free agent Ina Liaina. Ina is a fullback and you might have guessed he’s the one on the right.
Great mates always keep a watchful eye on the kite bates.
First fish! Early after lines in Liaina is hook up on his first saltwater fish. He had never been offshore fishing. Here Juan gives him tips on keeping the rod tip up, while Rivera sentinels with a ready gaff.
However, the first fish is a small bonita. However it did its job of giving Liaina the basics he will need later.
Meanwhile Riviera jumps in on the fun with a snake king. Big enough to make weight, however we are going to need more meat if we want to compete.
Juan sets up for another drift using the sea anchor.
Liaina and Rivera admire a small but spirited red grouper. Liaina asked if we could keep it to eat, but we had to let him know he was too small to keep. Man that size needs to eat, we better get to work on that.
Sushi! Blackfin tuna cooperates for Salyers as the Liaina looks for the soy sauce.
Best way to get his mind off of food was to get a fish on the line. Here Liaina practices good form. Maybe he did here Juan’s instructions.
Pretty work pays off. Liaina’s first billfish release as Juan carefully guide the sailfish over to cut the leader.
Liaina works another sailfish. He broke a sweat one the first one and the second proved to be even tougher.
With a fast paced northbound current, the team decides to anchor on a desired spot.
Best way to get his mind off of food was to get a fish on the line. Here Liaina practices good form. Maybe he did listen to Juan’s instructions.
Here Rivera leaders Liaina’s second sail. He would hook three and land two, all fighting them from an anchored boat. Not too shabby.
As custom would have it, your first billfish means you go for a swim. But how do you toss in a 250 pound Samoan fullback into the ocean? Of course you ask him kindly…
…Here he gets a little help from his new friends! 250 pounds of flying Samoan! I feel sorry for those poor free safeties when he breaks into the secondary.
All is well, after Liaina climbs aboard.
The dock party is always a who’s who in So. FL Fishing.
Here the legend, Bouncer Smith carves up a nice tuna!
Anglers with heavy catch bags make their way to the Hooters Weigh Station.
Sportscaster, Joe Rose emcee the dockside party and calls this dolphin at 31.6 pounds.
Jeff Ireland (Dolphins GM), his son Riley and Dolphin mascot TD are pumped about Riliey’s 28.7 pound tuna that landed him Top Junior Angler honors.
After weighing himself, TD finds out that he needs to go on a diet.
Stan Rudman, Owner of Hook & Tackle always seems to know where to find the pretty women. Left is Dee Salyers and right is Charmain Rosher.
And this is the 2013 Hook & Tackle Team, flanked by a couple of the Dolphin’s nicest cheerleaders.
Winners! Overall Winners were Hugo Nunez, Robert Pudley, Carlos Brito and Ariel Pared with 128.3 pounds of fish.
Rudman with Michael Mandich and Dolphins CEO Mike Dee wind down after another great event.
Team Hook & Tackle started the day in the dark and ends the day in the dark. All in all 3 for 6 on sailfish, one kingfish, one blackfin tuna, one grouper, countless bonita and a new friend in Ina Liaina. Good luck Lina!

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