Keep Cooler From Sliding on Your Boat

There are many ways to tie down your cooler during rough conditions.

The Yeti tie-down kit keeps your Yeti Tundra cooler secure on deck.Courtesy Yeti

If you regularly carry an extra cooler aboard, think about ways to keep it from sliding around in rough conditions. One salty trick is to place a damp towel under the cooler; it does an amazing job of keeping the cooler in place. Some coolers, such as the Yeti Tundra series, also have nonskid feet to prevent sliding. To further ensure that your spare cooler doesn't become a loose cannon in heavy seas, think about a tie-down system. Yeti offers its cooler tie-down kit (about $50) with a pair of low-profile stainless-steel plates that screw to the deck or other surface. A pair of 3-foot tensioning straps loops under the plates and up around the cooler rim. When you remove the cooler, the deck plates leave very little to trip on.