Action Photos from Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament

Professional photographer John Ashley shoots the 56-year-old Kona tournament

September 1, 2015

The Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament has been going now for an amazing 56 years. It’s a very traditional tournament and staged in one of the most amazing fisheries on the planet. The calm Kona waters are always full of surprises, and anything from a small spearfish to a 900-pound blue marlin could belt your lures or baits at any time. Some selections from my photo shoot at this year’s event, in August, gives you an idea of what the HIBT is like. For information on next year’s event, click here. — John Ashley

The 37-foot Rybovich Humdinger about to release a blue marlin. John Ashley
A 350-pound blue marlin carves up the ocean off the Kona airport grounds. John Ashley
A spinner dolphin joins in the activities in the Kaulua Kona Harbour during the HIBT. John Ashley
Bob and Sally Kurz aboard the Vixen released this blue marlin with a satellite tag. John Ashley
A huge 200-pound ahi yellowfin tuna taken on the lure. John Ashley
A big ahi yellowfin about to be gaffed. John Ashley
These huge ahi yellowfin are always iced down on-board and make the best sashimi. John Ashley
Another nice blue marlin carves up the ocean off the Kona airport grounds. John Ashley
The pretty Humdinger chases another blue marlin in the calm Kona waters. John Ashley
The magnificent 47-foot Buddy Davis Northern Lights chases a lively blue marlin. John Ashley
Northern Lights trying to tag a lively blue marlin. John Ashley
Northern Lights finally get the tag in their blue marlin. John Ashley
Rod Bender hooked up to a 550-pound blue on 500-pound tackle. John Ashley
The mate on Rod Bender gets the trace on a solid 550-pound blue. John Ashley
The Aussie team from South Australia: Bob and Cheri Hill and Tim Read with their tag and release results on day two. John Ashley
The biggest 191-pound ahi yellowfin tuna for the tournament captured on 50-pound by Claire Duke from the Gold Coast GFC from Australia. John Ashley

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