Potential World-Record Porbeagle Shark Released

Two British anglers tagged and released an estimated 550-pound porbeagle, knowing it could be a new all-tackle world-record catch.

porbeagle shark

porbeagle shark

Two anglers fishing from a 17-foot boat off Cornwall, England, spent an hour and a half recently fighting a porbeagle shark that may have been the biggest ever caught on rod and reel. A BBC report says they were ultimately able to bring it boatside to measure and estimate at 550 pounds, and to tag it, as shown in the video below.

The current British and International Game Fish Association all-tackle world record porbeagle is 507 pounds. Both the IGFA and British game-fishing rules require that fish be weighed for records on dry land. Anglers Graeme Pullen and Wayne Comben preferred to forego the possible record in favor of releasing the shark.

Porbeagles — fierce predators and close relatives of makos and salmon sharks — are listed as “vulnerable” by at least one organization.