On The Flats

Photos by Jeff Pierce

November 28, 2011
jeff pierce inshore_01.jpg
_Few key players in the recreational-fishing industry spend more time walking the walk than Mustad’s Jeff Pierce. Here, he shares a bakers’s dozen of a variety of inshore shots taken around the Gulf.
_ This could possibly be my most memorable catch to date. This fish took a crab fly in the Marquesas during the 2010 Cuda Bowl, but after the hook up, the flyline came up off the deck in a big tangle so I threw the rod at the fish to keep from breaking off. After a chase I recovered the rod, fishing the fight and we landed, tagged and released the fish. Video can be seen here. The fish was 19 pounds.
jeff pierce inshore_02.jpg
Bonnethead shark on the flats of upper Florida Bay.
jeff pierce inshore_03.jpg
This Cajun seatrout fell for a jig and plastic tail in Lake Calcasieu, Louisiana.
jeff pierce inshore_04.jpg
Florida Keys bonefish in the net.
jeff pierce inshore_05.jpg
When we are in the skinny water between Islamorada and Flamingo in search of bonefish, we always have a rod rigged with a circle hook and a trace of wire for sharks when the opportunity presents itself. This Lemon gladly piled onto a shrimp cast in front of it in less than two feet of water.
jeff pierce inshore_06.jpg
Takeoff! Flock of flamingos leaves Florida Bay about five miles south of their geographical namesake, Flamingo.
jeff pierce inshore_07.jpg
A school of tarpon prowls the emerald water near Key West’s Stock Island.
jeff pierce inshore_08.jpg
Redfish cruise the very skinny water on the shore of Lake Calcasieu in western Louisiana.
jeff pierce inshore_09.jpg
This is my Norwegian friend Asgeir with one of many redfish we caught this day sight-fishing with the fly near Myrtle Grove, Louisiana. We were fishing with my good buddy and sight-fishing guide extraordinaire Capt. Rich Waldner.
jeff pierce inshore_10.jpg
In-your-face barracuda taken near Key West.
jeff pierce inshore_11.jpg
Bonefish swims the clear waters of the central Florida keys.
jeff pierce inshore_12.jpg
Bull red clobbered this Bomber Badonk-a-Donk topwater bait.
jeff pierce inshore_13.jpg
As we competed in the 2010 Cuda Bowl, the weather conditions really got the permit and tarpon pouring up onto the flats which made concentrating on the cuda’s tough. So, we took our shots and scored a few permit and tarpon on fly and light spinning around the Marquesas.
jeff pierce inshore_14.jpg
Big flats ‘cuda explodes on a Bomber popper.

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