International Fishing Tackle Preview

New tackle and gear coming to stores soon

ICAST Fishing-Tackle Show Sneak Preview

Every angler loves new gear. So by the time tackle makers unlock their new-product treasure chest for media in mid-July, Sport Fishing‘s editors have already grown impishly excited. July is the month manufacturers come together for the premier U.S. tackle-industry trade show: the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades (ICAST). This year’s event occurs July 15-18 in Orlando, Florida. To share that anticipation, we offer this early look at some of the cool new stuff from your favorite brands.

What’s Hot: Penn Battle II

The Buzz: Penn designed the new Battle II spinning reel to achieve higher drag ratings and better corrosion resistance in salt water. With its re-engineered drag system and sealed ball bearings, the Battle II is expected to supersede its predecessor while maintaining the same price range. Penn has also added a 2500 size to match today’s lighter-weight graphite rods. MSRP: $99 to $129 Available: September 2014

What’s Hot: Shimano Teramar Northeast

The Buzz: Shimano introduces a new rod series designed for Northeast fishing. The nine conventional and seven spinning rods are built on TC4 blanks with lengths from 6 feet, 6 inches to 7 feet, 6 inches, and line ratings beginning at 8- to 15-pound-test up to 20- to 50-pound-test. They feature Fuji reel seats, Fuji -aluminum-oxide guides and EVA grips. MSRP: $149.99 to $169.99 Available: August 2014

What’s Hot: AFTCO FIsh Ninja 2

The Buzz: Based on the success of AFTCO‘s first-generation Fish Ninja sun-protective hoodie, the Fish Ninja 2 features custom-camo, AFGUARD stain-resistant fabrication, and AFBLOCK technology, which blocks more than 98 percent of UV rays. Fish Ninja 2’s articulated hood with its laser-cut mouth holes keeps sunglasses from fogging while offering sun protection for the entire face. AFTCO also added thumb holes in the sleeves to replace the need for sun gloves. MSRP: $70 Available: August 2014

What’s Hot: Costa 580P Mirrored Lenses

The Buzz: Costa takes its 580 technology one step further with the new 580P mirrored lenses. Previously mirrors could be ordered only with glass lenses. Now Costa’s lightweight, scratch-resistant 580P polycarbonate lenses can offer the benefits of color-enhancing blue, green or silver mirrors. The mirrors feature an oleo-phobic and hydrophobic C-Wall coating and a premium anti-reflective coating. The 580P mirrored lenses will be available in a limited number of frame styles. MSRP: Starts at $169 Available: Fall 2014

What’s Hot: Okuma Metaloid Lever Drag

The Buzz: Okuma‘s new Metaloid conventional reels come in single- and two-speed versions, and in sizes to fish 12- to 20- or 20- to 30-pound-test (monofilament). The single speeds feature a 6.4-to-1 gear ratio; two of the two speeds offer 6.4- and 3.8-to-1 ratios, and the heaviest one comes with 4.7- and 2.1-to-1 ratios. All are made with machined-aluminum frames and side plates and an anodized machined-aluminum spool. MSRP: $189.99 to $299.99 Available: September 2014

What’s Hot: Alutecnos Feather

The Buzz: Alutecnos‘ new Feather rod belts feature a plate made from lightweight anodized-aluminum alloy. The belt’s small profile (8 inches high by 12 inches wide) and adjustable strap with a clip buckle allow it to fit a wide range of anglers. Available in silver or gold, the plate attaches to thick padding that molds to your body. MSRP: $141 Available: July 2014

What’s Hot: Yo-Zuri Crystal 3D Minnow Jointed Shallow

The Buzz: Yo-Zuri’s new jointed 3-D minnow is a shallow wakebait for inshore salt water. It features a 3-D prism finish, 2x hooks and a triangular lip. The bait swims 1 to 6 inches below the surface; its tail joint comprises two hinges connected with a stainless-steel pin. It comes in 4- and 5¼-inch sizes and 10 colors. MSRP: $12.99 to $14.99 Available: December 2014

What’s Hot: Shimano Long-Cast Surf Reels

The Buzz: Shimano‘s new long-casting spinning reels will come in three models — Aero Technium 10000 XS, Ultegra 5500 CI4+ XSB and Ultegra XS-C (in two sizes). All feature large-diameter, long-stroke spools with Shimano’s SuperSlow Oscillation, and are designed to put anglers within range of any surf target. MSRP: $199 to $699 Available: July 2014

What’s Hot: Penn Battalion Inshore

The Buzz: Penn‘s new inshore Battalion rods are made from 30-ton graphite blanks that provide sensitivity and strength. They’re topped with Fuji components and come with EVA or cork grips (pictured). The Battalion series was designed to cover a wide variety of techniques, and both inshore and nearshore species. MSRP: $99.95 to $119.95 Available: September 2014

What’s Hot: Columbia Solar Camo

The Buzz: Columbia has produced a new, innovative fabric technology for its PFG clothing line with the debut of Solar Camo sun-activated camouflage, scheduled for January 2015. Based on research showing that shirts with sky and cloud patterns help camouflage anglers, the Solar Camo cloth changes colors when exposed to UV rays. In the sun, the shirt appears blue with white cloud patterns. Indoors or in dim light, the shirt appears darker gray. MSRP: $100 (knit); $140 (woven) Available: January 2015

What’s Hot: Rapala BX Waking Minnow

The Buzz: A surface waking bait, Rapala’s new BX Minnow features a balsa core and copolymer shell. The 5¼-inch bait comes with three No. 5 VMC black-nickel round-bend treble hooks. Fished with a slow retrieve, the lure flashes and rolls across the surface. It’s available in six color patterns. MSRP: $12.99 Available: July 2014

What’s Hot: VMC 7266 Inline Hooks

The Buzz: VMC developed this in-line hook to replace trebles on lures (such as the Rapala plugs pictured), particularly when fisheries regulations require single hooks, but it’s also for ease of catch-and-release, and for applications such as kayak fishing, where accidental hooking can be more prevalent. The black-nickel-plated hooks will be offered in sizes 1/0 to 3/0 and 5/0 to 7/0, and in packs of four to eight, depending on size. MSRP: $4.49 to $4.99 Available: July 2014

What’s Hot: Wilderness Systems Thresher

The Buzz: Wilderness Systems‘ new Thresher offshore fishing kayak comes in 14- and 15½-foot lengths. Its high gunwales and rockered, upswept bow give it stability in the surf. The boat comes with ample storage and deck space, and can be completely customized with rod holders, livewells, and a fish finder. MSRP: N/A Available: Fall 2014

What’s Hot: Wright & McGill Sabalos Pro Carbon

The Buzz: Featuring a durable carbon frame and ported aluminum spool, the new Sabalos Pro Carbon spinning reels offer a 6-to-1 gear ratio and 10 ball bearings. Available in three sizes — 20, 30 and 40 — the reels are capable of up to 14 pounds of maximum drag. The graphite handles are coated with EVA foam. MSRP: $159.95 Available: July 2014

What’s Hot: Guy Harvey Camo Tech Shirts

The Buzz: Guy Harvey Camo vented shirts are made from mega-lightweight polyester microfiber. Each shirt features a unique color pattern illustrating a fish species in its natural environment, as imagined by Guy Harvey. Saltwater patterns include Edge Camo (redfish) and Legend Camo (blue marlin). The shirts come with a mesh-lined, caped vent at the back for climate control, and a roll-up tab for the long sleeves. MSRP: $70 Available: October 2014

What’s Hot: Williamson Popper Pro

The Buzz: This new Williamson popper’s versatile design allows anglers to fish a wide variety of effective techniques — pop it on top of the water, slash and stall, or walk the dog. This precisely weighted, long-casting lure features an in-line hook design to promote optimal swimming action, point exposure and hook-set. MSRP: $14.99 Available: July 2014