Top 10 Ports for Albacore

10 of the top ports for catching albacore

August 17, 2014
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Longfin Fever

Albacore seem to incite hysteria among anglers whenever they show up offshore. Al Mcglashan

Albacore Tuna

Albacore grow in excess of 60 pounds, but a 25-pounder is considered decent size. Trolling accounts for most catches north of Morro Bay, California. Mike Mazur

Albacore Migration Route

Albacore range from northern Baja California to Vancouver Island in summer and fall. Map illustration by Brenda Weaver

Albie Lures

Swimbaits can work as well as live bait when albies respond to chum. Mike Mazur

Legendary Launch Point

Fisherman’s Landing in San Diego, California, was built on a foundation of albacore action, as this tribute to passenger sport-fishing boat pioneer, the late Bill Poole, celebrates. Bill Boyce

Albacore Action

Albacore often follow a fish hooked on the troll to the boat where chum holds the school while anglers enjoy wide-open action in a classic “jig stop”. Bill Boyce

Morro Bay, California

Morro Bay, California, is one of the top ports for albacore. Kip Evans

Santa Cruz, California

Santa Cruz Harbor south of San Francisco is one of California’s top ports for albacore. Jim Wark

Lovely Longfin

Albacore rank as the most crowd-pleasing of all tuna species. They are eager biters, fight hard, and offer delicious white-meat fillets. Bill Roecker

Albacore Tactics

Skirted jigs are traditional trolling lures for albies. Cedar Plugs, deep-diving lure and swimbaits also produce. Mike Mazur

Westport, Washington

Westport in Washington state is famous for albacore action. P.A. Lawrence

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