Dorado Biology

Chromatophores in the skin of dolphin expand and contract to reflect the distinct blues, greens and yellows fishermen recognize. This brazen bull is likely less than a year old.Jason Arnold (
Find an unmolested piece of floating debris in 78- to 84-degree water, and chances are there are dolphin nearby. The abundant life around the flotsam is an appetizing attraction.Deron Verbeck
Anglers bring aboard a gaffer-size dorado.Chris Woodward
The largest dolphin are always bulls, identifiable by their square, block heads.Jon Schwartz
Male bull dolphin grow faster and eat more than females, called cows, pictured above.Jon Schwartz
Dolphin display silver-blue (pictured) or yellowish-green colors based on their moods. According to one observational study, the yellow represents distress and the blue color relaxation, making this teal-colored jumper unique.Bryan Toney
This squid and dolphin were pulled from the stomach of a full-size mahi. Odd items pulled from fish include bottle caps, juvenile sailfish and sea turtles.Mike Mazur
This weeks-old juvenile dolphin measures just 4 inches.Doug Perrine /
To distinguish the occasional pompano dolphin (A) from a common dolphin (B), look for a square tooth patch over the pompano’s tongue.Don Hammond