Australian Environment Minister Announces 44 Marine Reserves

“Anglers Won’t Forget That Our Federal Government Has This Day Treated Us With Contempt”



The Australian recreational-fishing community calls a betrayal the decision of federal environment minister Tony Burke to formally designate 44 marine reserves and lock out anglers from more than a half-million square miles of the continent's coastal waters. A Fishing World magazine online report cites a spokesman for Keep Australia Fishing as stating, "Environment Minister Tony Burke has caved in to pressure from environmental lobbyists to create a flawed and uninspiring marine-parks plan. He had the chance to create marine-protected areas that achieved key conservation goals yet recognised the unique socio-economic benefits of a sustainable recreational fishing sector. However, it is clear ... that Minister Burke has simply toed the line given to him by the environmental lobby."

The report also notes “the minister’s decision to reward the commercial-fishing sector with $100 million in taxpayer-funded compensation.” Not a penny is earmarked for the recreational-fishing industry. “Anglers won’t forget that our federal government has this day treated us with contempt,” says the KAF spokesman.

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