2011 Fishing Boat Preview

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No one can deny the recreational marine industry has suffered some hard times in the depressed global economy. But I can tell you with certainty following the recent Fort Lauderdale boat show that things are absolutely looking up. And that's a good thing for the industry and for you.

My totally nonscientific survey of many fishing-boat manufacturers showed that every one of them sold boats at the show. That's a significant increase over the previous two years. The Broward County Convention Center, which displays most of the boat show's smaller, outboard-powered fishing boats had been desolate for the past three years; it was jam-packed with visitors throughout the show. On Saturday, three hours after the center opened, a line still stretched out the door with ­visitors waiting to enter.

As you'll see from our January Fishing-Boat Preview, the number of new fish-boat models is substantially greater than in recent years.

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