Must-See Video: Rare Opah Landed Just 1,000 Yards Off the Beach

Rare catch: opah landed less than a mile off the California coast

May 3, 2013
Anglers Catch a Rare Opah

Awesome Opah

A 125-pound opah — one of the most rarely caught gamefish in the world — was landed this week just 1,000 yards from shore on the Western Pride, a half-day passenger sport-fishing boat. Thor Brisbane/

Anglers Thor Brisbane and Jeff Patrick teamed up to catch a 125-pound opah just 1,000 yards off the coast of Newport Beach, California. It occurred on the Western Pride, a passenger sport-fishing boat based in Davey’s Locker, which was fishing in about 100 feet of water. As you can see in this video shot by the crew of the Western Pride, the opah is big and beautiful. It took two crew members to gaff and haul the fish aboard. A similar scenario unfolded last season when private boat caught an opah close to Newport Beach while fishing for thresher sharks.


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