Berkley x5/x9 Braid

New braided lines add additional strand for better abrasion strength.

New braided lines boast greater abrasion resistance and strength.Courtesy Berkley

Berkley's new x5 and x9 braided lines add another strand to the popular four- and eight-strand designs while keeping the same diameter of those traditional braids. Boasting greater abrasion resistance and strength, x5 was designed to fish structure; x9 delivers strength with extra casting distance. The new braids come in low-viz green and crystal colors. Priced at $13.99 (165 yards), $26.99 (330 yards) and $179.99 (2,188 yards), x5 spools are available in pound-tests from 8 to 80. The x9 costs $17.99, $32.99 and $199.99 in pound-tests from 8 to 100.