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Sea Chaser 220 Bay Boat First Glance

Sea Chaser 220

Carolina Skiff enjoys the position of being the top-selling boat in the state of Florida and right near that in most other coastal states. The company's flat-bottom skiffs can go places where most shallow-water craft fear to float. However, everyone knows that flat bottoms rattle you in a chop.
Hence, Carolina Skiff introduces the newest in its line of Sea Chaser skiffs, the 220 Bay Boat. Carolina Skiff has taken a big step up because the Sea Chaser line isn't rolled-edge construction like its original skiffs. Rather, the 220 Bay Boat, like all Sea Chasers, boasts a full liner and V-bottom. With lots of open fishing space surrounding the center console, copious storage and a 52-gallon fuel capacity, this skiff can take you across the nastiest bay or even offshore when conditions warrant.
Another difference between a standard Carolina Skiff model and the Sea Chaser is modularity. Standard models come with a bare hull so you add all the modular features you want. The Sea Chaser comes pre-rigged with a center console, two live baitwells aft, battery storage, an anchor locker, a rod storage box in the bow, a fish box, scuppers, a trolling-motor panel and handrails. Just add an engine and the Sea Chaser 220 is ready to go.