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Posted on Jul 6, 2012 in Top Shots
13 Amazing Fishing Secrets from Another Dimension
by Doug Olander
spin reels - line twist for possible gear guide use
OMG! It's a wild birds' home!

There’s no doubt that the internet is an immeasurably vast storehouse of knowledge on everything in the universe — and more! That certainly includes fishing.

Recently, my daily news alerts have featured webicles that are chock full of advice bound to make anyone a better fisherman. Or not.

Either way, I feel it’s worth sharing some of this insight, here. 

Clearly, this information was put together by someone who doesn’t speak English as his/her native language (my money’s on it being from a scribe from some faraway dimension). 

And before anyone accuses me of poking fun at someone who doesn’t speak my language very well (or at all, since this is probably the product of some marginal translation software), let me just point out that if I attempted to offer some coherent technical information about fishing in, say, traditional Chinese, I’d expect a lot of ROTFLMAO activity in China among those trying to read it. 

Anyway, I urge everyone serious about fishing to heed these 13 thoughtful and fascinating tips, written verbatim, that I’ll just bet you didn’t know.


TIP: Sport Fishing is not a rapid-paced sport, and you will sit for many hours before you even obtain a nibble.

COMMENT: Sorry to burst your bubble, but at least now you know it’s not just you.


TIP: Continually be harmless whenever you go sportfishing.

COMMENT: Plus, if you should perish in the act, your epitaph can be: “He/she was continually harmless.”


TIP: When out on the sea, if you identify seagulls swooping down to pick up small bait-type seafood, you know there are larger game-type seafood searching and driving these seafood into limited golf paintballs near the top area.

COMMENT: Yes, this is widely known, but some novice anglers may not realize the importance of finding golf paintballs at the surface.


TIP: If you intend on fishing for several hours, it is important you deliver some food.

COMMENT: This no doubt hearkens back to the custom of a sacrifice before a fishing trip.


TIP: 1 typical location exactly where men and women retail store their fishing series is in the vegetable container with their freezer.

COMMENT: Well, duh!


TIP: Fish normally love to remain by some type of protect. This can be an undercut financial institution, or even a sizeable beneath drinking water rock and roll, or anything else that gives some form of protection.

COMMENT: If you’re fishing undercut financial institutions, expect the Dept. of Justice to be checking your license. And that brings us to the next tip.


TIP: [Make sure] you have got a sport fishing certification prior to being allowed to go on the drinking water.


TIP: Always attempt to guideline your species of fish gradually back to your boat if you make sluggish rotations of your sportfishing series.


TIP: When cleaning up a fish, look at the foundation.

COMMENT: Sure beats staring at fish guts (as long as you’re good fileting by the Braille method).


TIP: Every person who fish will experience the dreaded “wild birds home” of tangled angling range eventually.


TIP: In the event you go sportfishing from your motorboat, generally wear your daily life shirt when you find yourself on the water. Many people have been drawn in water from your push of a big fish and perished. They will not have drowned when they experienced a lifestyle jacket on to help them stay profitable in the water.

COMMENT: Clearly smart fishermen utilize wardrobe consultants before choosing lifestyle jackets for fishing. And please: Don’t push a big fish or people will end up in the water.


TIP: At times a seafood is just wondering and sometimes a seafood is definitely biting.


TIP: If your fish swims within your fishing boat, put the tip of your own rod within the water and follow the seafood.

COMMENT: When fish are swimming within your boat, you might also want to check your bilge pump.


Finally, remember and take heart because:

With a little bit of process, you shortly have the capacity to brag concerning the massive seafood you captured, instead of lamenting about one which got aside.