Winner Disqualified in $2.8 Million Marlin Tournament

Polygraph tests have determined that White Marlin Open tournament rules were not followed in the capture of the only white marlin weighed in at this year’s event.

white marlin
A single qualifying white marlin was weighed in at this year's White Marlin Open tournament, potentially worth $2.8 million.Ken Neill

The only white marlin to qualify in this year's $2.8 million White Marlin Open seemed a sure bet to earn that grand prize for the winning team on the boat Kallianassa.. Since then, however, the team came under suspicion of rules violations and, after members failed the same polygraph questions, the White Marlin Open asked the circuit court to make a ruling on disqualifying the winning team and deciding on distribution of prize money.

According to published court records, angler Phillip Heasley (who is also captain/owner of the Naples, Florida-based Kallianassa and the angler catching the 76.5-pound marlin on Day Two of the tournament, Aug. 9) and crew member Kyle Bohannon both failed the polygraph for the same rules-related questions, notably whether Heasley had assistance in catching the fish and whether the boat had passed the sea buoy before 4 a.m.

Heasley has maintained his innocence.

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