When Fish Get Revenge! 10 Videos

Sometimes the fish have the last laugh.

1 — This blue marlin gives the phrase “tackle-buster” a new meaning; watch as it takes out a bent-butt trolling rig sitting in a flush-mount gunwale holder (at around 50 seconds in).

2 — A big fish shows an angler why facing away while setting the hook may not be the best technique.

3 — They don’t call bluefish “snappers” for no reason. In South Africa, where this video was taken, they call ‘em shad. Check out a bluefish determined to make this angler sing contralto. (You'll have to turn your head 90 degrees to watch this one.)

4 - The stuff of which nightmares are made when not one but two dudes (angler and skipper) become hooked up — but not in the good way — to a monster goliath grouper boatside. Ouchy.

5— In case somehow you missed this six years ago when it happened or have forgotten it, relive now the astounding moment (in live video and a dramatically animated depiction of the event) when marlin comes hurtling into a cockpit to run his bill right through a young angler’s mouth and into his head. And he’s okay! (Btw, you gotta love the first comment I noticed, while reading the thread on youtube — it starts, “lol kinda funny.”)

6 — This one went viral in 2013. A Russian chap suffers from the dreaded “kamikaze hand,” thrusting his arm into gullet of live monkfish (called a “mutant fish” by some clueless posters) which then requires two pry bars to open the tooth-lined jaws enough for the victim to extract his mangled hand. (Fishes like monkfish have very powerful pharyngeal teeth in their throat used to crush crustacean and mollusk shells — or errant hands.)

7 — Don’t blink while watching: This kayak angler has three rods, but then suddenly has just two. Better get his money back on that big-toe rod holder.

8 — Slippery deck, big fish, heavy tackle and ... d’oh!

9 — Small shark, big bite, as an angler learns the dangers of grabbing a shark by its tail. Muchos expletives (understandably).

10 - Finally, here’s a different kind of fishes’ revenge in this odd little video, and it’s some scary s--t, let me tell you. An example of a couple species wreaking some particularly nasty payback.