VIDEOS: Fish Breaking Rods

Fishing rods can only do so much, sometimes they just need a break.

We all know that moment when the fish takes it under the boat and you feel _the tug**_ that could set you back on your bank account. These videos capture those moments. **The big sigh. The shock. The funny to your friends, but not you situation.

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This fisherman has watched too many Looney Tunes episodes.

A beautiful sunset shot paired up with a goofball moment. This angler doesn't give up once his rod breaks, he handlines the fish.

Looks like a great day to fish...and possibly a day to buy a new rod.

Everything goes — rod, reel and fish. Hopefully, he still has his dignity.

These guys invent the new 7-inch fishing pole, accidentally.

Perserverance with fish is expected. But with no fishing rod, it's all about instincts.

Friends can be so supportive.

Heads up.

"Jeff, I told you so."

Sharks don't like being caught, this one takes vengeance for his fellow brothers.