Tagged Roosterfish Recaptured After Nearly a Year

In 330 days at liberty, a Costa Rica rooster traveled a mere 19 miles

Costa Rica roosterfish may prove to be homebodies.Doug Olander / Sport Fishing

When it comes to news of recovered fish tags, it's usually all about billfish. Scientists are learning about their movements, but with many coastal species, such as roosterfish, little is known. Now, a tag return from Costa Rica sheds a bit more light. After being at liberty for 330 days, a roosterfish estimated to weight 50 pounds was captured in the Negritos Islands in Costa Rica's Gulf of Nicoya, only 19 miles from where the fish had been originally tagged by the crew of Sunny One from Los Sueños Resort. It had gained approximately 10 pounds in less than a year, according to Travis Moore with Gray FishTag Research. The rooster grabbed two separate lookdown baits trolled by Capt. Thomas Scott Jones on the charter boat Mono Congo out of Bahia Rica Fishing & Kayak Lodge.