Busting up Blackfin out of Oregon Inlet

An update on recent tuna action from Ric Burnley


The Mid-Atlantic is coming off one of the best years for blackfin tuna that veteran anglers like Ric Burnley can remember. The speedy tuna moved in thick in the fall, as usual, with numbers of the 5- to 30-pounders off the charts, says Burnley, an outdoors writer/photographer and contributor to Sport Fishing magazine. Burnley lives in Virgina Beach but fished the North Carolina coast between Oregon and Hatteras inlet in October for the great images he shares here. The tuna were taken 20 to 35 miles out. Generally, Burnley says, mid-Atlantic blackfin are easy, on rigged ballyhoo or artificials like Cedar Plugs or Green Machines and, increasingly, on vertical jigs. For more information all Mid-Atlantic fishing action all the time and how it's done, bookmark www.fishcrazy.info.