Report: Key West Blackfin Go Off!

Report: Key West Blackfin Go Off!


Hard to beat fast-action sight-casting flies or topwaters and bucktails with light tackle, especially when it's all happening only a few miles offshore. But that's what's been going on just off Key West with winter blackfin schools.

Of course, it can all change in a heartbeat: that's fishing. But over the past weekend, it was as much catching as fishing, with pods of tuna tearing up baitfish on top.

I don't mean just a pod or two, nor one of those first-hour-of-daylight deals: Blackfin were all over and stayed up most of the day.

For run 'n gun sport it's hard to beat.

I fished with Capt. R.T. Trosset on his 34 Yellowfin, its twin Suzuki 300s plenty fast to power us from one school to another since the blackfin were always on the move. Trosset slid in upwind of a commotion when all hands would quickly fire out into the frenzy. Multiple hookups were the norm, with the tuna ranging from a few pounds to 15 or so, and a few skipjack were mixed in.

Again, no telling how long this will go on. But for those who can make the scene, it's a great time!

Capt. R.T. Trosset holds blackfin for Sport Fishing's Scott Salyers