How's My Waterway?

A New Phone App from the US Environmental Protection Agency

Have you ever wondered if the waters you are fishing are clean and healthy? Now you can get the answer through How's My Waterway, a new app from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). How's My Waterway allows users to quickly find information on the condition of streams, lakes and other waters anywhere in the US using their smart phone, tablet or desktop computer.

One click provides instant access to the EPA's extensive database of water quality monitoring reports. Click the Choose a Location button to manually search for waters anywhere in the US. Click the Use My Location button and the site will use your smart device's GPS to identify all waterways within five miles of your location. In plain language, the site will tell you if your local waters are polluted or not, what kind of pollutants were found, and what actions the EPA and state are taking to reduce or eliminate the pollution.

To access How's My Waterway and for instructions on how to download a shortcut onto you mobile device go to Check out the condition of your local waters today!

–– Source: Anglers for Conservation