Helm Station Pads

SeaDek’s new product can help quell foot fatigue while standing at the helm.

SeaDek's Helm Station Pads
The new Dual-Density Helm ­Station Pad from SeaDek is available in two sizes — 14 by 36 inches and 16 by 39 inches — to fit most helm decks. It’s 50 percent softer than previous SeaDek helm pads.Jim Hendricks

If your feet, knees and back get sore when standing at the helm, one of SeaDek’s new Dual-Density Helm Station Pads (about $120) might help. SeaDek made its name with closed-cell EVA foam-cushioned nonskid. The new mat takes that concept further. An 18-millimeter low-density foam bottom absorbs shock, while a 3-millimeter medium-density top layer with a brushed texture provides traction, whether wet or dry. Testing by SeaDek indicates that the mat is 50 percent softer than SeaDek’s original single-density helm pad and requires 60 percent less force to compress. Thanks to six heavy-duty hook-and-loop fasteners, the helm pad can be easily removed to ­access hatches underneath.