New Fishing Products and Tackle — May 2014

Gear and accessories for boating anglers

May 2, 2014

Sand Cannon

St. Croix says its new 12-foot, two-piece Legend Surf rod can bend deeply within the blank so there’s no need for a full-body windup before the cast, even with heavy lures or baits. The 12-footer joins the Legend Surf series of eight existing spinning rods (and three casting sticks, various handle styles pictured), and is rated for 12- to 25-pound-test and 1- to 6-ounce lures. The X-Grip neoprene handle reduces slipping and the Fuji LCsurf guides with Alconite rings increase casting distance. The 12-footer costs $470.

GoPro HERO3+

GoPro‘s HERO3+ cameras feature a 20 percent smaller and lighter design, and 30 percent better battery life in the black edition than in previous models. GoPro also improved the lens, added new video-capture modes and several new mounting accessories. HERO3+ is offered in black ($399.99) and silver ($299.99) editions. The black edition comes with SuperView, a new video mode that captures what GoPro says is the world’s most immersive wide-angle perspective, and Auto Low Light mode to adjust frame rate for varying light conditions.

High Flyin’

Bass Pro Shops‘ new Offshore Angler Frigate spinning reels feature an all-aluminum frame, a forged and double-anodized braid-ready spool, an eight-bearing system, and a stainless-steel main shaft. Carbon-fiber and Teflon drag washers contribute to firm yet smooth operation. Four Frigate models — 5000 through 8000 — offer a 4.9-to-1 gear ratio and cover line classes from 12- to 20-pound-test. They cost $79.99 and $89.99.

Bait Fleet

The new Soft Resin-Head trolling lures series from Hi-Seas are handmade in Portugal, and feature holographic heads designed to be dense, clear and mildly soft with a neutral eye. The new lures come in 10 different varieties of head shapes and diameters — such as Taurus, Aries, Diablo and Killer — and in a range of colors and skirt dimensions for all types of offshore trolling. Replacement skirts are also available to create different color combinations. Lures cost $16.49 to $116.49; skirts cost $3.49 to $18.49.

West Marine Third Reef Jacket and Bibs

West Marine has released its seventh-generation Third Reef Jacket and Bibs. The jacket is fully lined and waterproof yet breathable. The bibs feature an improved fit, and the women’s version still offers a drop seat, though it now has a single-side Velcro opening. Men’s jackets ($179 in red, yellow, blue and gray) come in sizes S through 4XL; men’s bibs in blue or yellow and S to 2XL cost $159. Women’s jackets ($179 in red, blue, coral and beach glass) come in sizes XS to XL; women’s bibs in blue, and sizes XS to XL, cost $159.

Ocean Prowler Big Game II

Ocean Kayak’s Prowler Big Game II features a multiposition Element Seating System, six accessory-mounting plates for customization, and the improved Click Seal bow hatch to keep gear dry. Ocean incorporated its stern stringer system into the 12-foot-9-inch kayak so it can carry more volume in the aft section. It also comes with a Mod Pod center console and Glide Track foot-brace system. The Big Game II weighs 70 pounds, can carry up to 600 pounds and costs $1,249.

Tail Action

Berkley took the popular minnow shape and added a “violently swimming” paddle tail to create the Gulp! Saltwater 4-inch Swimmow. Anglers can rig the Swimmow weightless, but the preferred method is on a ¹⁄8-ounce darter-head jig, Berkley says. The 4-inch bait comes in six colors, including banana prawn, camo, pumpkinseed and sardine. Eight Swimmows are packaged together at a price of $6.99.

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