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See the fantastic fishing photography of Australian Al McGlashan

May 8, 2012
A great white shark smiles for the camera just north of Sydney on a popular beach. Al Mcglashan
Al McGlashan jumped in an filmed this inqusitive striped marlin which seemed more interested in him than the live bait presented to it. Al Mcglashan
A unqiue underwater view of a marlin about to be released off Sydney NSW. Al Mcglashan
A once in a lifetime shot of a massive mako eating a marlin taken by Al McGlashan who was in the water next to the shark! Al Mcglashan
The infamous Pillar Rock famous for its huge bluefin tuna suffers the full brunt of the southern ocean off the bottom end of Tasmania Al Mcglashan
A calamari squid is exceptional on the plate but is also awesome bait Al Mcglashan
A great white shark launches forward to grab the bait and almost collects the cameraman as well Al Mcglashan
A sizeable yellowtail known as kingfish to the Aussies caught just off Sydney Al Mcglashan
A massive school of salmon kick up a commotion right at the entrance to Sydney Harbour Al Mcglashan
Al McGlashan shows off a solid bonefish caught in ankle deep water in the backwaters of the Christmas Island lagoon. Al Mcglashan
Two anglers return the boat after a successful day stalking the bonefish flats on beautiful flats of Christmas Island. Al Mcglashan
A brilliantly lit up wahoo peers up at his captors after making the mistake of eating a skirted lure. Al Mcglashan
A black marlin kicks in the afterburners after feeling the pressure of the circle hook. Al Mcglashan
A black marlin tears up the surface after eating a skip bait. Al Mcglashan
A massive yellowfin gets a fisheries tag in instead of a diner date aboard Sydney boat Strikezone. Al Mcglashan
A black marlin glances over its shoulder as it charges away off Port Stepehens NSW Australia. Al Mcglashan
Photographer Al McGlashan with a shearwater that simply loved the camera and didn’t want to leave. Al Mcglashan
A unique view of a striped marlin – an anglers first – just prior to release off the NSW South Coast Al Mcglashan
An amazing images of a 450-pound blue marlin mid way through a cartwheel. Al Mcglashan
A sportfisher probes the rocky shoreline in a remote section of Arnhemland in Australia’s north. Al Mcglashan
Al McGlashan, a resident of southeastern Australia and longtime contributor to Sport Fishing magazine and, is one of the world’s pre-eminent photographer of sport fishing and fishes, both topside and underwater. Besides the many photos of his published widely, Al’s the author magazine articles and books, an active blogger and is the host and producer of Australia’s popular StrikeZone TV. See more of Al’s work at

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