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September 27, 2013
We know you’re out there, and we want to put you in our informative girls-only galleries. You could be the winner, picked at random, of an assortment of great Yo-Zuri lures valued at $100. In this gallery, we hope you’ll discover something that you may not have known about a fish, a boat or a fishing destination. Send us your fishing photos to [email protected]. Brittany, Camille and Lauren with a triple-header of keeper grouper off Crystal River, Florida fishing with Capt. Jimmy Nelson. In the winter, manatees move to the warm waters of the Crystal River where visitors can get up close and swim with them. Look for a feature about Crystal River’s exciting fishery in an upcoming issue of Sport Fishing.
Kelleigh with a pair of doormat flounder. Differentiate similar-looking southern and summer flounder by checking for ocellated, eye-like spots on their back. Summer flounder have five ocellated spots near the tail, southern flounder don’t. So what type of flounder are these? Check out more Sport Fishing Girls galleries here.
Gaylynn with a full catch off the coast of Alaska. Even though high temperatures in summertime average just 61°F, Seward, Alaska is a top fishing destination for halibut, salmon, lingcod and rock fish. Bring your bibs and jacket, and don’t fall in the water!
Ashley with a slot snook caught near the mangroves fishing with Capt. Jimmy Nelson. Mangroves are vital estuarine habitat for Florida’s game fish and birds, and even filter pollutants and trap sediments that could otherwise damage the environment. Mangroves are protected under Florida law and require special authorization to be trimmed.
Ashley caught this mahi out of Virginia Beach with Capt. Pete Manuel and mate Thomas Bennett. The current all-tackle record for mahimahi is 87 pounds, with the Virginia state record not far behind at 71 pounds, 8 ounces. Ashley’s photo won a prize package of Yo-Zuri lures from Sport Fishing magazine. Be sure to send in your own photos to be part of the Sport Fishing Girls photo gallery and for your chance to win prizes.
Brandy caught a 28-inch redfish on a Yo-Zuri plug near Pine Island, Florida fishing with Capt. Jimmy Nelson. According to, Pine Island is the largest island off Florida’s Gulf Coast, including three aquatic preserves, plus acres of palm, tropical plants and fruit groves. Pine Island offers anglers a top opportunity to land a redfish, snook and seatrout slam in a single day.
Amanda, from Brooklyn, New York, landed these dolphin while fishing in the Florida Keys. According to the International Game Fish Association, more saltwater world records have been caught in the Florida Keys than any other angling destination in the world.
Elyse tricked this 39-inch cobia into eating a lure off Cape Canaveral while fishing with Capt. Jimmy Nelson. Sometimes called ling, lemonfish and crab eater, cobia are found worldwide in tropical waters both offshore and inshore. Cobia hang near buoys, pilings, wrecks, anchored boats, and even sea turtles and whales.
Hannah, of Orange Beach, was 8 months pregnant when she landed this 226-pound swordfish. Not much is known about where swordfish have their offspring, but research shows that swords spawn year-round in the western North Atlantic. The current all-tackle record swordfish weighed 1,182 pounds.
Susan fought a yellowfin tuna for more than 3 hours on 30-pound-test tackle in Costa Rica. In early September 2012, Guy Yocom landed the all-tackle world record yellowfin tuna weighing 427 pounds.Yellowfin tuna grow large, but not as big as their cousins the bluefin tuna that surpass 1,000 pounds.
Christina pulled up this take-home grouper. So what’s that thing sticking out of the fish’s mouth? That’s the distended stomach of this red grouper — it happens when fish experience barotrauma, after anglers fight a fish to the surface rapidly.
Crystal fights a nurse shark caught bottom fishing near Yankeetown, Florida fishing with Capt. Jimmy Nelson. There’s a misconception that nurse sharks don’t have teeth, but that’s not true. Nurse sharks have independent dentition, the simplest type of tooth arrangement found in sharks. Read more details about nurse sharks.
Sheree caught her first wahoo trolling off the coast of Exmouth, Western Australia. Wahoo are a worldwide species. According to the IGFA, there are seasonal concentrations of wahoo off the Pacific coasts of Panama, Costa Rica and Baja California in the summer, off Grand Cayman (Atlantic) in the winter and spring, and off the western Bahamas and Bermuda in the spring and fall.
Kayla landed this 41-inch redfish in rainy Jacksonville, Florida on a crab. The size limit for redfish in Florida is from 18 to 27 inches total length, so this redfish had to be released. Some states, such as Texas, allow anglers to keep one oversize redfish.
Christina caught this monster yellowtail near Coronado Island. The yellowtail offers mild, pinkish fillets, making it popular as a sashimi dish or when cooked traditionally. The IGFA all-tackle record for California yellowtail is a 79-pound, 4-ounce monster taken in 1991 at Alijos Rocks, Baja. Learn more about catching yellowtail off the Californian and Mexican coasts.
Kelly caught this seatrout in Mosquito Lagoon on a live shrimp. Mosquito Lagoon is located in the northern portion of the Indian River Lagoon system on the east coast of Florida. Known for its large seatrout and redfish, the lagoon system is currently experiencing significant water quality issues and fish die-offs.
Tina, Lauren, Marci and Brit were the winners of a ladies-only tournament with these flounder catches in the Barnegat Light area of New Jersey. The Forked River Tuna Club ladies catch of the day tournament is one of the oldest, longest-running female fishing tournament in existence.
Sonya, left, was part of a double hookup of roosterfish in Costa Rica. Roosters inhabit the eastern Pacific, ranging from San Clemente, California to Peru. Roosterfish are rare north of Baja California, Mexico, according to Target roosterfish in shallow waters, mostly along the sandy shores and rocks of beaches.
Christina with a handful of dolphin. In the Gulf of Mexico, dolphin grow 5 inches per month by eating triggerfish, decapods, squid, jacks and flying fish. Louisiana fisheries scientists estimate that most Gulf dolphin die before they reach two years of age. Still, that’s enough time to grow 4 1/2 feet long! Check out more Sport Fishing Girls galleries here.
We know you’re out there, and we want to put you in our informative girls-only galleries. You could be the winner, picked at random, of an assortment of great Yo-Zuri lures valued at $100. In this gallery, we hope you’ll discover something that you may not have known about a fish, a boat or a fishing destination. Send us your fishing photos to [email protected]. Katerina landed this wahoo off the coast of Cape Verde. Cape Verde is a group of 10 islands off the coast of Sengal, Western Africa. The island country relies on tourism heavily, including exceptional fishing opportunities for anglers. For extreme sportsmen, Cape Verde is famous for its wind surfing and kite boarding.

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