Return to Sitka

Mike Mazur enjoys some great fishing in Sitka, Alaska, with the Sport Fishing Television crew

sftv alaska_1.jpg
Catch just the right summer morning in Sitka, Alaska, and it's almost as if the sky, earth and water meld into one beautiful painting.Mike Mazur
sftv alaska_2.jpg
Fish were on our mind during this mid-August trip to the Kingfisher Lodge, but...Mike Mazur
sftv alaska_3.jpg's nearly impossible not to be awestruck by the beauty of Alaska, which hits you even before you reach the marina, and continues...Mike Mazur
sftv alaska_4.jpg
...into the boat yard, where craft of every conceivable type are moored.Mike Mazur
sftv alaska_5.jpg
From old tugs to...Mike Mazur
sftv alaska_6.jpg
...old fishers, and...Mike Mazur
sftv alaska_7.jpg
...a bevy of boats in between, they all glisten crisp and reflective in the mirrored harbor waters.Mike Mazur
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We punched the big Mercs on our charter boat, and headed out...Mike Mazur
sftv alaska_9.jpg by giant cruise ships in Sitka Sound.Mike Mazur
sftv alaska_10.jpg
The morning was waking up nicely, and soon we approached...Mike Mazur
sftv alaska_11.jpg
...St. Lazaria, a world-famous bird sanctuary.Mike Mazur
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Nature rules in Sitka. Eagles fly literally everywhere, and if you search in the right places, you'll find...Mike Mazur
sftv alaska_13.jpg
...sea lions, on top of...Mike Mazur
sftv alaska_14.jpg
...more sea lions, and...Mike Mazur
sftv alaska_15.jpg
....more sea lions still.Mike Mazur
sftv alaska_16.jpg
Finally, we're fishing, and our captain, the soft-spoken Scott Miller of Kingfisher Lodge, hoists a couple fine silver (or coho) salmon.Mike Mazur
sftv alaska_17.jpg
But just as quickly, more wildlife catches our attention! This humpback whale was cruising around the sound. We moved in for a closer look, and...Mike Mazur
sftv alaska_18.jpg
...the whale obliged, flopping his tale up...Mike Mazur
sftv alaska_19.jpg
...and over, and...Mike Mazur
sftv alaska_20.jpg
...back down into the water, which was 450 feet deep here.Mike Mazur
sftv alaska_21.jpg
He gave us one last show, then it was back to fishing.Mike Mazur
sftv alaska_22.jpg
Mike (left) and Dean hoist a couple salmon in front of Mount Edgecumbe, a famous and beautiful (yet dormant) volcano. Mike's got a typical coho, while Dean has a fine king salmon.Mike Mazur
sftv alaska_23.jpg
A nice pair of kings.Mike Mazur
sftv alaska_24.jpg
And yet more kings still. Fishing in Alaska is as good as it gets - and the fishing is just part of the region's charms! See more great photos from a previous Sitka visit here!Mike Mazur