New Products — February 2014

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February 26, 2014

Transitions Vantage

Transitions Optical’s Vantage lenses shift from virtually clear and nonpolarized indoors to dark and polarized outdoors. (Until 2012, it was thought that polarized lenses could not become clear.) Transitions uses photochromic dyes rather than film to achieve polarization, which varies in the lenses, depending on the amount of UV exposure. I was able to test Vantage while sailfishing in Miami this past December and found them quite comfortable, with more‑than‑adequate polarization, darkness and glare reduction. Transitions says Vantage lenses also offer full UV protection, and they’re a $120 add‑on to prescription lenses. To read more about my experience, visit sport​-fishingmag​.com/vantage‑lenses; for Vantage information, visit transitions​vantage​.com. Courtesy Transitions Optical

Halco Skim Stick 185

Halco Tackle’s new topwater Skim Stick 185 is a hybrid lure that blends the characteristics of a stick bait and skittering popper. It imitates a long, narrow baitfish fleeing on the surface. Intended for long‑casting and slow‑trolling blue‑water applications, the lure moves frantically across the water. The clear‑polymer lure features a distinctive head design, measures 71/4 inches, weighs 25/8 ounces and comes with two (Japanese) Decoy 5/0 inline J hooks. Available with internal holographics and traditional finishes, it costs $22.99 at basspro​.com. Visit halco​tackle​.com. Courtesy Halco Tackle

Columbia Cool Catch Zero

Columbia’s Cool Catch Zero long‑sleeve technical T‑shirt weighs just 6.7 ounces, so it’s light and soft against the skin. Cool Catch features sweat‑activated Omni‑Freeze ZERO technology, which keeps you cool, Omni‑Wick, which keeps you dry, and Omni‑Shade sun protection (UPF 30). Available in white cap (blue), sage, bright peach, tippet (lime green) and white, and in sizes S to XXL, the shirts cost $58. Call 800‑622‑6953 or visit columbia​.com. Courtesy Columbia

Okuma Shadow Stalker

Inshore and nearshore anglers looking to refine their techniques and presentations will appreciate Okuma’s new Shadow Stalker rod series. All 16 one‑piece models — constructed for casting‑reel applications — come with trigger‑grip reel seats, and feature powerful blanks made from 24‑ton carbon finished with ALPS stainless‑steel double‑foot guide frames and braid‑ready zirconium rings. The split‑grip designs include EVA sections rimmed by composite‑cork rings. The moderate‑fast‑action rods range in length from 7 to 8½ feet for lines rated from 12‑ to 40‑pound‑test. They cost $109.99 to $129.99. Call 909‑923‑2828 or visit okuma​fishing​.com. Courtesy Okuma Fishing Tackle

Penn Rampage

Penn designed the new tubular, graphite‑composite, one‑piece Rampage jigging rods for lightweight toughness; they also feature Torque EVA foregrips for comfort and control. Penn incorporated Fuji N frames with aluminum‑oxide inserts and a heavy‑duty graphite reel seat. Rampage jiggers come in three spinning models — 6‑foot-6‑inch, 30‑ to 80‑pound class; 6‑foot-4‑inch, 50‑ to 100‑pound class; and 6‑foot, 80‑ to 130‑pound class — and three conventionals — 6‑foot-6‑inch, 30‑ to 80‑pound class; 6‑foot-2‑inch, 50‑ to 100‑pound class; and 5‑foot-8‑inch, 80‑ to 130‑pound class. Each costs $79.95. Call 800‑892‑5444 or visit penn​reels​.com. Courtesy Penn Reels

Bluefin USA Boardshorts

Bluefin USA’s newest Boardshorts feature an ultralight, four‑way stretch fabric that’s 90 percent polyester and 10 percent Spandex. The quick‑drying shorts measure 21 inches long at the outseam and offer SPF 40‑plus sun protection. Available in three colorful fish patterns, and in sizes 32 to 40, the shorts cost $59. Call 888‑750‑BLUE or visit bluefin​usa​.com. Courtesy Bluefin USA

Fin-Nor Marquesa Pelagic 30 and 40

Fin‑Nor says that offshore anglers using lighter lines, such as 20‑pound monofilament, will appreciate the precision drag in two new Marquesa Pelagic Series reels. The 30‑ and 40‑size reels eliminate concerns about breaking light lines on billfish and small tuna due to steep drag‑cam profiles. Made with a forged and machined one‑piece frame and side cover, the reels feature a stainless‑carbon‑fiber drag system designed with virtually no start‑up spike. The size‑30 Pelagic holds 450 yards of 20‑pound mono and costs $379.95; the 40 Pelagic holds 440 yards of 30‑pound and costs $399.95. Call 800‑588‑9030 or visit finnorfishing​.com. Courtesy Fin-Nor

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