Southport 33 FE

The Southport 33FE measures 32 1/2 feet long and carries a 10-foot-8-inch beam with 22 degrees of transom deadrise for a stable, enjoyable offshore ride.Onne Van Der Wal
The helm features room for massive electronics displays, gauges, remotes and rocker switches.Onne Van Der Wal
The optional side boarding door measures 27 inches wide, and comes in handy for hauling in fish or loading gear. The boat also has a transom door.Onne Van Der Wal
The transom bench seat offers a comfortable ride, whether cruising at dusk or heading to the fishing grounds.Onne Van Der Wal
While the 33FE is designed for offshore fishing, it draws less than 2 feet of water, so it can also tuck in near shore.Onne Van Der Wal