CHIRP Sounder Options


Furuno DFF1-UHD TruEcho CHIRP

Furuno's $2,000 DFF1-UHD pairs with the new Furuno MU monitor (pictured) to provide this offshore angler with some high-resolution sonar images.

Humminbird SM3000 CHIRP

Humminbird's $2,000 SM3000 can be used with the company's new ION and ONIX multifunction displays.

Garmin 741xs

Garmin's smaller xs machines (547xs and 741xs) come with built-in CHIRP capability.

Simrad BSM-2 CHIRP

The screenshot at the top shows a swordfish in 1,697 feet of water picked up using Simrad's BSM-2 CHIRP sounder module (above).

Raymarine Dragonfly CHIRP

A shipwreck in 136 feet of water shows clearly in the Raymarine Dragonfly screenshot (top). On the left is a traditional sounder view; the right side of the screen is a DownVision image. The unit (above) comes in 5- and 7-inch sizes.

Lowrance Elite-7 CHIRP

Lowrance's new Elite-7 CHIRP unit transmits a sweeping pulse through a traditional transducer.