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Smith and Howler Brothers Collaborate

For any angler, even a bad day on the water is better than a good day spent indoors. To honor those who are passionate about living life beyond walls, Smith joined forces with Howler Brothers - craftsmen of limited-run, outdoor lifestyle apparel and goods - to launch a capsule collection fit for avid adventurers, thrill seekers and tequila drinkers. Debuting this month, the collaboration includes co-branded models of the popular lifestyle-oriented Lowdown sunglasses (MSRP $100.00) and the fishing-inspired Dockside sunglasses with ChromaPop polarized lens in Bronze Mirror, for increased color and clarity definition on and off the water (MSRP $209.00). Both models are available in matte tortoise and feature the Howler Brothers monkey logo micro-etched into the lens. Howler Brothers has also created a limited-edition Aransas shirt, t-shirt, and hat to accompany the co-branded assortment. “We initiated the collaboration because both our brands have a very similar mindset. With a passion for activities like fishing, surfing and getting outdoors, Smith and Howler both celebrate pursuing adventures,” stated Chase Heard, founder and CEO of Howler Brothers. Watch the video here.

International Game Fish Association Relocates Exhibits

The International Game Fish Association (IGFA) announced today that it will be relocating its Hall of Fame and Museum exhibit from the first floor of its international headquarters in South Florida to a new wildlife museum and aquarium operated by the Johnny Morris Foundation in Springfield, Missouri USA. IGFA will continue to own its Dania building and the first floor space vacated by the museum will be renovated into a new conservation and events center, to be operated by Bass Pro Shops. IGFA President Rob Kramer stated “The opportunity provided by long-time IGFA friend and supporter Johnny Morris of Bass Pro Shops to showcase our Hall of Fame and collections in his new museum and aquarium will allow us to dramatically increase our exposure to the public. This strategic business move will also allow IGFA to reallocate resources to core programs such as game fish conservation, education, rules, record keeping and maintaining the history of our sport”. The headquarters for the 75 year-old world-renowned fishing organization will remain in the IGFA facility along with the E. K. Harry Library of Fishes, the world’s largest collection of fishing films, photographs and publications on recreational fishing. The decision comes after several months of discussions among IGFA Board members and the Bass Pro Shops team concerning the benefits of relocating the attraction and its relevance to the IGFA’s overall mission. The IGFA’s involvement with education and conservation initiatives around the world has increased significantly over the last decade. By continuing to direct its efforts to these important areas, the IGFA will increase its effectiveness both nationally and internationally. Timing for the transition will be announced sometime in mid-April, 2015.
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States on Target with Red Snapper Management Plan

CCA writes: They say you know you are over the target when you start taking flak. If the ****hysterical reaction**** from the commercial fishing sector is any indication, it appears that the five Gulf state fisheries directors are on target with regard to their plan to assume management of Gulf red snapper. Federal management of red snapper has been a three-decade disaster of confusion and misguided regulations, and it defies belief that there are still those who see fit to defend that system to the bitter end. Of course, the most strident are the ones who have directly benefited from the federal management system and received ownership of public wildlife resources for their own use and profit, so perhaps their views should be taken with a grain of salt. On the other side of the spectrum, the state fisheries directors for the five Gulf states are professional stewards of the resource, with extensive training in wildlife management in general and marine science in particular. They know what they are doing. Their ****state-based management plan**** for red snapper is based on concepts they have used so successfully on species like red drum and speckled trout in the Gulf. Neither of those fisheries were subjected to privatization schemes and the states still managed to provide an unprecedented level of access for their citizens. All have been cited as tremendous conservation success stories. In contrast, the Gulf Council is on a completely different, twisted track and has resorted to a privatization scheme to limit the public's access to red snapper in the name of proper management. When it created the red snapper catch share program in 2006 and literally gave away shares of the red snapper fishery for free to commercial operators, the Gulf Council truly lost its way. All the criteria used by the state managers to create robust fisheries and maximum access for their citizens were replaced by pure, simple greed. Today less than 400 commercial operators own 51 percent of the entire red snapper fishery. Plans are in the works for some in the charter/for-hire fishery to own roughly another 20 percent. The hundreds of thousands of anglers not in these elite categories will be left with crumbs and 9-day seasons. Since the states unveiled their ideas for an alternative management solution for red snapper, the commercial fishing industry and some in the charter/for-hire industry have beaten down the doors of Congress to insist that the states' solution be burned down before it is even fully fleshed out. They are desperately trying to protect the incredible windfall that has been given to them in the federal system and have even resorted to calling recreational anglers "greedy." The irony that the beneficiaries of an egregious wildlife privatization scheme would label the only stakeholders not benefiting financially from that scheme as "greedy" appears lost on them. One might wonder why the state directors would volunteer for the monumental responsibility of rebooting one of the most mismanaged fisheries in the entire country and setting it on a sensible course, but the answer is simple. They know that it does not have to be so convoluted and difficult. They know giving away pubic wildlife resources to a few stakeholders who are easier to manage is betraying the public trust. They know there is a better way because they do it every day in their states. The answer to complicated fishery problems cannot be to funnel access through fewer and fewer lucky, wealthy entities and leave everyone else tied to the dock. As much as some people would like to distort it, the ends cannot be allowed to justify these means. If you agree, contact your Congressmen and let them hear the other side of this story. The state directors have acted with courage in offering an alternative to a shady federal management system and their ideas should be held up, not trampled by greed. Click the link below to log in and send your message: Photo by Doug Olander
Doug Olander
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Boathouse Marine Center Selected as a Yamaha Authorized Dealer and Service Center

Boathouse Marine Center has been selected as an Authorized Dealer and Service Center for Yamaha® marine outboard engines serving customers in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach. The full-service marina and boat storage, located at 599 South Federal Highway, is pleased to add Yamaha to its authorized service facility. Boathouse Marine is also an Authorized Dealer and Service Center for boats powered by Mercury®, Volvo Penta® and MerCruiser® and also serves as an authorized dealer for Interlux® yacht paints. Boathouse Marine Center’s factory certified service department will handle Yamaha outboard repairs, parts, warranty and repower installations. “With over 100 years of combined marine experience and multi-years customer service satisfaction awards, the addition of the Yamaha dealership is destined for success,” said General Manager Brian Smith. Boathouse Marine Center provides complete outboard and inboard motor repair and services, including repowering, electrical, electronics, A/C refrigeration, painting and refinishing, fiberglass repairs, bottom painting, canvas and upholstery, surveying, emergency haul outs and buffing, waxing and detailing. Accessible by land or water, the service department is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. About Boathouse Marine Center****

World's Largest Marine Reserve Announced

The United Kingdom government announced the creation of the Pitcairn Islands Marine Reserve, the largest fully protected marine park on the planet. Here, in one of the world's most remote places, more than 322,000 square miles of South Pacific waters will be fully protected. Why does it matter? Because large, highly protected marine reserves help counter the global effects of overfishing, pollution, and development. Full story, facts, photos here.
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Bimini Wahoo Smackdown Results

Pompano Beach’s Team Gin Gin, Captained by Fred Genestra, took top team honors and a $5,000 winner’s check in the Wahoo Smackdown VI tournament hosted this past weekend at the Bimini Big Game Club Resort & Marina. The winning team, based on aggregate weight over two days, also took home an original wahoo painting by celebrated marine artist Carey Chen, an accomplished angler who was on hand as the tournament’s Grand Marshal. A Carey Chen original is typically valued at $15,000 or more. Finishing second was Team Reel Laxin and taking third was Team MK2. The Wahoo Smackdown VII tournament, hosted by the Big Game Club, is scheduled for November 12-14, 2015. Top prize will be $10,000. About The Bimini Big Game Club Resort & Marina The Bimini Big Game Club, a legendary outpost for fishermen and host to numerous major sportfishing tournaments for more than half a century, officially re-opened in 2010 following completion of a $3,500,000 renovation that included all guest rooms and the new Bimini Big Game Bar & Grill. More recently owners have added the Gulfstream Conference Center and Hemingway's Rum Bar & Social Lounge, a fully outfitted watersports facility and a floating dock to accommodate seaplane service directly to and from the resort. For information on the Big Game Club Resort and Marina go to Management Company is Horizon Hotel Group